Pain is not Permanent πŸ˜Š

Migrant workers, walking thousands of km on road to reach home, a poor craving for food, a brilliant actors conscience that leads to suicide, victims of cyclone and various problems and negativities all over the globe. Everyone is suffering through different pains in this difficult time.

Labour pain, the pain during delivery of a child is probably the worst pain felt by a mother. This immense and unbearable pain feels nothing once the mother see’s her child and listen the crying of baby. The most dangerous pain ends up with a sweetest smile and feeling ever. As it is often said that most beautiful moment of a women’s life is when she became mother. Just think about the the joy and pleasure felt by a migrant worker reaching their home after so much struggle. A successful cricketer, actor,politician or any other successful person has to go through lot of pain in his/her career.

Pleasure and fun is ultimate requirement and want of each and every individual. But how can you feel the real pleasure if you don’t know what pain is? How can you enjoy the mesmerizing spring if u haven’t feel the dark night of winter.

The need of the hour is to talk about the mental pain. The invisible pain, hidden in the smiling faces. The pain after failing in a exam, the pain of not living your dream, failure even after trying your best. The pain when all your dreams and expectations from your life are shattered away after waiting so long. Many of us are victims. But this is the beauty of life, the lessons taught to us. Satisfaction is the only key to happiness.

Pain increases our mental and physical toughness. To overcome the pain,lean into it instead of running away from it. It is the part of life. Truly this lockdown is testing our potential and capabilities. This is toughest time for us to manage our mental stress. Irritation,anger,pain,fear and negativities are rising up over positive vibes. But we have to fight and should remain more positive and hopeful.

For everything happening there is a cause. So next time if you find yourself in pain. Just remember “Pain is not Permanent” and bear the pain with a little smile because at the end of the day all these negativities, pain and fear will go away. You will see the bright ray of new hope, happiness, pleasure and new opportunities.

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